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Digital Marketing

Want to learn Digital Marketing? Here is all you need to know about this trending course of Digital Marketing.

Why to pursue a course in Digital Marketing?

Let’s say you know nothing about Digital marketing except that it is a very in-demand course which has the potential to get you a well-paid job in the current economy. So, now you are reading this blog to know all about Digital Marketing and it is my responsibility as a writer to satisfy all queries of my readers.

So, first of all, what is Digital Marketing?

As it is quite clear from the name, Digital Marketing is the advertising of your product or service on already established social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, as well as websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You must have seen the various short reels on Instagram, or posts on Facebook convincing you to buy the customized gift items being advertised for your friends and family.

 Marketing of a product/service can also be done using mobile marketing, email marketing, in app marketing, content marketing etc. Have you seen the messages on your mobile convincing you to go for hair transplant for your visible baldness?


Why people today are choosing Digital marketing over Traditional marketing?


Traditional marketing of a product is done through mediums like newspaper ads, radio, television, magazines, etc. Marketing done through these mediums is more expensive and less effective than digital platforms. Also, there is no need to remind our readers that the digital mediums are faster than traditional modes of marketing. So, the conversion rate is much higher for digital marketing campaigns as compared to traditional marketing campaigns. The targeting of advertisements can be customized for digital marketing campaigns while the customer base is very standard for traditional mediums. Due to the interactive nature of digital marketing campaigns, return on investment can be more easily calculated.

Every website has its own advertisement campaigns like Facebook Business (Meta) where anybody can login and create their ads. These ads are first scrutinized by the company for any violations of their policies before being made online within 24 hours. We only need to spend an average of 17 rupees on a Facebook ads campaign to reach an audience of 1000 people. We can run unpaid advertisements on these platforms; this is known as organic marketing.

Now, let me tell you about some tools of Digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the management of content on the website so as to increase its reach to the consumers. The website should end up on the top of the search engine result page (SERP) whenever someone is searching about the product or service related to your business. For this, you need to identify the relevant keywords which would pull the traffic on your website, create good quality content which is optimized for users, inclusion of links to websites which the user might need and in the end, calculating the result.

Social Media Marketing    

Today, social media platforms have a huge impact on the lives of the users. And this is the reason that many business owners advertise their products ranging from fitness apps to scrunches (hair accessory for girls) on these social media platforms. The ‘Influencer culture’ on Instagram today is one aspect of social media marketing. The influencers/business owners advertise their products and we, the viewers, are tempted to buy them. The far reach and strong influence of these platforms makes it essential to have a very strong social media marketing strategy for all businesses to grow.

Content Marketing

Content on any social media platform or simply a website is what grabs the eye of a user at the very first instant. So, automatically, the content should be very well written and easy to comprehend for the user.  Attractive piece of content is what sells your goods and services in the market and also boosts your ranking on SERP.

Email Marketing

Email services have been used by everyone for almost two decades now and we know that it is the fastest way to reach the customers with a lot of information. But unlike social media marketing, email marketing campaigns do not easily grab the attention of the user. The emails written have to be very engaging for the user to notice them and then it should quickly provide all the relevant details to the user. Email marketing is used highly even today by many big firms to advertise their products.

Mobile Marketing

We know that in today’s scenario, everyone from a child to an old man, is in possession of a mobile phone, whether it’s a smart phone or not. Mobile services like SMS, MMS, in app marketing can be used to reach the people not present on social media platforms.  Most successful digital media campaigns maintain a balance between social media channels and mobile services. 

Marketing Automation

The only purpose of marketing a product or service is to gain revenue. Marketing automation software does exactly that. It calculates the return of investment on all the social media campaigns, mobile marketing and email marketing campaigns etc. The result which is derived is analysed with marketing automation tools so as to get clear picture of which programs are working and which are not. Thus, cost optimization can also be done using marketing automation.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1. Generation of traffic on the website

We run campaigns on various platforms and we want more and more people to visit these campaigns so that they can know about our product/services and eventually buy them. Thus, the success of any campaign is dependent upon the traffic generated on the website. Tools such as the Hub spot, Google Analytics can be used to analyse the traffic generated on the website,

2. Lead Generation for business

As soon as people click on our campaigns, they are directed to our website. On the website, they get to know about the product / service that we are advertising  and if they get genuinely  interested, they drop their contact details. This is how digital marketing campaigns generate leads for our business. 

3. Growing of our business in a brand

A good website with good content description and an equally good product delivery generates a loyal customer base over time and help our business to grow into a brand.

4. Audience interaction

Audience can interact with the business owners via the digital marketing campaigns. They can ask questions, ask for a demo, and write a positive or negative feedback on the website. This level of audience interaction is not possible in traditional marketing campaigns. So we go for digital marketing campaigns.

5. Size of the business is never an issue

Whether the business is huge or just a startup, it can harness the power of the digital marketing campaigns and get growing. It is also not very expensive yet consumer friendly and so, the perfect choice for all consumers.

I hope I answered all your questions about Digital marketing. Now, you can enrol in this course as quickly as possible.