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SEO & How It Works

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be proved as the dictator for the path you wish to be taken by your visitor to reach their desired location and fetch you the conversions. Not only within the website but SEO also or we should say, majorly, bring the traffic to your web property.  

What is SEO: SEO is Search Engine Optimization- As the name indicates SEO is the technique to improve your web property to increase the visibility on the search engines when people search for any relevant keywords to your business. It helps not only people but also the search engines to know your business better. 

In other words, you can guide Google or other search engines that, what your brand is about? Why you are here? And, what are you selling?

The basic unit of SEO is “Keyword”. The keyword is the unit that describes your business. 

In simple terms, we can understand it with the restaurant menu. If you go to a restaurant, what you will be first served with? The answer is a glass of water and a Menu card. Recall that menu card. Now we will first search for vegan or nonvegan food as per our preference. Then, we will look for the other sections of cuisines, starters, main course, sweet dish and preferably a drink to complement our food. These all are your keywords; type of food, category of food and beverages, and some special signature dishes which are your USP in the market. In the Online version, what a searcher can ask for is the keyword for your business.

Now, you might have numerous questions in your mind. Like, what exactly the audience is looking for? What is the best-suited keyword for your business? 

The best possible way to find an answer is to create a list of your product and services. And mark your unique selling product or services. These highlighted points are your keywords. Remember your Signature dish will be the key USP in the market and will attract visitors at priority. Your other dishes and varieties will also matter a lot but whatever is unique is the prime. You can tell the audience that what are you unique for? Why they should order from you? And what makes you different from hundreds of thousands of other available options?

Competition in the online world is much much higher than in the physical. Here you can sell all across the borders, seas, and from the opposite poles; relatively your delivery channel partner should be able to do it. Jokes apart! For creating your brand image, that signature dish with its unique style of making or secret ingredient can fetch you the best and the unique traffic. This will give you a base structure to work on.

We are not saying to stop selling the common products or do not market them. Of course, we will take them all together on our journey so that our visitors will not feel forced to have the signature dish all the time. Variety is the second key to survival. We will also target those general keywords, which will benefit your business in the long run and give you a surprising reach altogether.

If we would be you, the second question we will have: How to use these keywords? Where are these keywords to be used?

If you are having the same difficulty, we must tell you that writing these keywords in your content (or, Menu) is not enough. Really!

 You need to tell or guide the crawlers/ bots of the search engines to read your website. To tell them, what you are special for and need to give you the priority for it. This is what we technically call “Ranking”.